OTC Moist Wound Healing

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OTC Moist Wound Healing

Finesse Medical offer a range of Moist Wound Healing dressings and plasters for over the counter sale, utilising technologies, previously only available in chronic wound management products. The products are designed to promote faster healing, reduce pain and give longer wear times.

The products have many advantages over traditional dry dressings including:

· Excellent Absorption

· Low Friction Materials

· Painless On Removal

· Bacteria Barrier

· Non Adherent Materials

· Moist Wound Environment

· Cost Efficient Solutions

· Longer Wear Times


Finesse Medical utilises a range of materials to provide the optimum solution to meet customer and product requirements. These include:

· Adhesives

· Polyurethane Film

· Polyurethane Foam

· Hydrocolloids

· Hydrogels

· Alginates


Innovative design capabilities exist from prototype development and testing to manufacture of a product suitable for the indicated use:

· Blister Plasters

· Sutures

· Finger/Toe Plasters

· Island Plasters

· Fragrance Enhanced

· Custom Shapes


Finesse Medical has the in house capacity to manufacture and pack an extensive range of OTC products. Capabilities include:

· Lamination

· Island Placement

· Die Cutting

· Pouching

· Flow Wrapping

· Final Packaging