Finesse Medical Packaging

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Finesse Medical offer a full packaging service including:

  • Assembly Pouching/Packaging
  • Automated Pouching/Packaging
  • Labelling and Bar Coding
  • Final Packaging and Shipping Solutions

We deliver turn key manufacturing solutions, design packaging concepts, source packaging materials as well as handling logistical packaging issues. We can assure that all our packaging services exceed customer requirement. 

Full inline inspection is performed together with packaging integrity testing and full traceability of materials and products throughout the packaging process.

Finesse Medical can cater for the majority of packaging needs due to our specialist packaging machinery as well as our vast experience in dealing with our customer's packaging needs. 

All packaging/sealing of wound care dressings are performed in our ISO accredited cleanroom. Whilst pack-off working lines are all performed in white room conditons.

Contact us to see how we can assist you via our contact page.