Finesse Trachea

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Finesse Trachea Description:

Finesse Trachea is a sterile, hydrophilic foam dressing with the circular aperture designed to fit neatly around a tracheostomy tube or other drain or stoma.


Finesse Trachea dressing consists of a polyurethane foam wound contact surface with high absorption capacity and a vapour permeable, water and bacteria resistant polyurethane film outer layer.

In the presence of exudate, Finesse Trachea helps maintain a moist wound environment conducive to natural healing conditions.


Finesse Trachea is indicated for the protection and exudate absorption for:

Tracheostomy tubes

Drainage sites

Information for Use

Finesse Trachea is very simple to apply, requiring no special skills or equipment. The interval between dressing changes will depend entirely upon the state of the wound. On heavily exuding wounds, daily changes may be required at the beginning of treatment but this may be reduced to every 7 days for low exuding or epithelialising wounds.


· Non Adherent for non traumatic dressing change

· Excellent Fluid Handling Capacity

· Maintains Moist Wound

· Cost Efficient


· 10 x 10 cm

Other sizes available on request