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Finesse Medical Quality

Finesse Medical will meet or exceed all our customer expectations as well as statutory, legal and regulatory requirements.

Finesse Medical will ensure the correct resources are in place to allow us to continually improve our product, customer service and supplier relationships and to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management system.


  • Finesse Medical is an ISO 13485: 2016 accredited Company.
  • Finesse Medical hold CE Mark Certification for numerous Wound Care and Skin Care Products.
  • Finesse Medical an FDA registered medical device manufacturer.


Attached Documents

PDF icon EC Directive 93-42 EEC Certificate GB08-75138 (Finesse_Medical_EC_Certificate_GB08-75138_Issue_22.pdf | 2.18 MB)


PDF icon EC Directive 93-42 ECC Certificate (Finesse_Medical_EC_Certificate_GB14-92259_Isssue_4.pdf | 1014 kB)
PDF icon Finesse Medical ISO13485 (Finesse_Medical_ISO_13485_Certificate_GB07-72418_Issue_16.pdf | 1.25 MB)